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Pokemon People 2 - Vivinox by comandrews Pokemon People 2 - Vivinox :iconcomandrews:comandrews 2 0 Pokemon People 1 - Pagalulus by comandrews Pokemon People 1 - Pagalulus :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 3
Monster Hunter I Part V
Scene 5.
[Text read:]
One month later…
[All the students are gathered by a Base Camp tent resting at the foot of the Snowy Mountains. A high wooden fence, about three metres tall, lines the campsite and the pathway leading up to the town. The students all wear a basic set of Hunter's Armor and their respective weapons of choice. All weapons are very basic beginner level. Vonara has a greatsword and Rayasu a longsword, a Ravager Blade and Bone Wolf respectively. Tarro has his Chain Blitz. The students chatter amongst themselves, admiring their weapons or practicing moves. Soon, Basolo and Sashje arrive in the camp. Basolo wears a Rathalos armor set and carries a Prominence Bow III, Sashje a Narga Armor Set and a Lost Black Katana. The class falls silent and gathers round their teachers.]
Ba: Welcome everyone. As you know, today will be your first chance to face off against a monster in real combat on your own. Beyond these camp walls is the real world. The monsters are real, the da
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Monster Hunter I Part IV
Monster Hunter: Unite for Freedom
Scene 4.
[Text read:]
One week later…
[It is a bright sunny day, with no wind and the only clouds in the sky on the distant horizon. Crows and gulls peck away in the soil in one of the farm fields surrounding Kimbolo. They scatter at the approach of a group of  around fifteen people walking to the field from the town. Vonara is amongst them. They head across the field to a small open hut. Underneath are several tables, and on them are a few dozen baskets. Sashje sits on the edge of one of the tables sharpening a Blue Ogre Sword, the shield for which rests propped up against the nearest table leg. The class gather in a semi-circle around her. She puts the sword down and turns her attention to them.]
Sa: Right then. Field Gathering. Time to see if you've all done your homework. Here are your baskets.
[She gestures to the baskets with one hand.]
Sa: There's your field.
[She gestures to the field with her other hand.]
Sa: Off you go.
[She sm
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Monster Hunter I Part III
Monster Hunter I: Unite for Freedom
Scene 3.
[Zoom in on Rayasu's house. He is out in the back garden tending to his beehives. A felyne paws away at fish in a pond nearby. He notices the disturbances.]
Ra: Oi, Sarah, leave the fish alone.
[The felyne meows pinefully at him.]
Ra: [Pointing meaningfully] Hey, you're getting Pintuna for your dinner tonight, you don't need anything now. Go on.
[He gestures her back inside the house with a flick of his head. Sarah meows again and hops off inside the house. Rayasu shakes his head after her. He turns back to the hive and at the same time a loud knock comes from his front door. He rises and makes his way inside, through the house and to the door. He opens it. Vonara is on the other side.]
Vo: So are you coming to first class or not?
[Cut to a tent out the back of the Training Hall. Basolo and Sashje stand in conversation at the front of the tent behind a wooden desk. The desk itself is adorned with various monster body parts, set against a bac
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Power Ranger Blaine the 1st by comandrews Power Ranger Blaine the 1st :iconcomandrews:comandrews 0 2
SWC2: KotFE Part III
Star Wars: Chronicles II
Knight of the Fallen Empire
Scene 3 – The Archivists.
[The Jedi Temple Archives on Coruscant. Two Jedi work quietly at a computer console in the centre. The first, Dekorn Tes, or Lance, rises from the desk and makes his way round to a console on the other side of the first. The other Jedi, Cortis Halik and the one previously mentioned as Smith, remains where he is and continues to tap away at the screen. Lance returns to Smith and takes over. He taps a few times, then lets Smith resume control of the console. He returns to the other console.]
Lance: You got the particle filter locked?
Smith: Yep.
L: Okay, I'm adding the fusion coil now.
[He taps on the screen a few times.]
L: Right, open the front hatch and insert the particle tube.
[Smith taps the screen and drags his fingers across.]
L: Close the hatch…
[Smith taps the screen.]
L: And I'll open the fuel vents…
[He taps the screen.]
L: And we are go…
[He taps the keyboard once. The terminal
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Unite for Freedom Part II
Monster Hunter I: Unite for Freedom
Scene 2.
[Text read:]
Four years later…
[Cut to a large town, known as Kimbolo. It is similar to Hisito - the shape and build of the structures and roads and the general layout and design share the same basic design and pattern - except there is much more of it. It reaches much further up the mountainside than Hisito and boasts a much larger area of agriculture. It is South-facing but this does not stop snow from covering the village in a thick blanket.]
[In one room in one hut on the Northern outskirts of the village sleeps a girl. Her name is Vonara. One of the windows to the room has been left open. A kestral swoops in through it and lands on one of the bedposts. It screeches loudly. Vonara stirs in her sleep. The kestral screeches again, then takes off and lands on the pillow next to Vonara. It pecks her head gently. Vonara jerks awake and the kestral flaps backwards screeching.]
Vonara: Whaaa..!
[The kestral screeches again as it lands on t
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Pony by comandrews Pony :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 0 Horsey by comandrews Horsey :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 0 New horse and pony by comandrews New horse and pony :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 4
SWC2: KotFE Part II
Star Wars: Chronicles II
Knight of the Fallen Empire
Scene 2 – Bad Dreams.
[A faint beeping noise fills the darkness.]
[Blaine slowly opens his eyes. He is lying on a bed in the medical bay. On the bed next to him lies Kip. Blaine sits up and takes in his surroundings and notices Kip beside him. He gets up and groggily goes to her bedside. He places a hand on hers and as soon as they touch Kip sits bolt upright, wide eyed breathing heavily, Blaine taking a few startled steps back.]
B: [Stepping back to the bedside] Hey hey hey, it's ok, it's only me.
[He gently rubs her forearms. She looks at him then down at the bed, head bowed, as her breathing begins to slow down.]
B: It's ok.
[She lies back down again.]
B: You ok?
K: Yeah…yeah…just…bad dream…
[She sits up again.]
B: You too huh.
[She looks at him.]
B: Jedi in a fire?
[She nods. Blaine hugs her. After a moment, the door to the medbay opens and Kariss walks in and makes her way over to Kip and Blaine.]
K: Hey
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Dragon Two by comandrews Dragon Two :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 0 Dragon by comandrews Dragon :iconcomandrews:comandrews 4 0 Dja'derak by comandrews Dja'derak :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 0 Campus Lake-side. by comandrews Campus Lake-side. :iconcomandrews:comandrews 1 0


Fun with swords2 by brjohansdottir Fun with swords2 :iconbrjohansdottir:brjohansdottir 13 18 Winged Healer by VegasMike Winged Healer :iconvegasmike:VegasMike 625 74 xenomorph rex by nebezial xenomorph rex :iconnebezial:nebezial 11,207 991 Milotic - Commission by SoupAndButter Milotic - Commission :iconsoupandbutter:SoupAndButter 4,189 245 Pokemon Number 350- Milotic by KingofAnime-KoA Pokemon Number 350- Milotic :iconkingofanime-koa:KingofAnime-KoA 70 9 grass milotic by Mudzac grass milotic :iconmudzac:Mudzac 5 9 The Proud Cross 2 by Forge-Pixie The Proud Cross 2 :iconforge-pixie:Forge-Pixie 1 1 Portrait of a Warrior by Forge-Pixie Portrait of a Warrior :iconforge-pixie:Forge-Pixie 3 4 Swamp monster by NoreyDragon Swamp monster :iconnoreydragon:NoreyDragon 186 133 Satele Shan I by Nebulaluben Satele Shan I :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 1,149 94 Sunrise High by rachaelm5 Sunrise High :iconrachaelm5:rachaelm5 309 132 Crusader Lightsaber by JamesVillanueva Crusader Lightsaber :iconjamesvillanueva:JamesVillanueva 310 39 Starkiller's Lightsaber by JamesVillanueva Starkiller's Lightsaber :iconjamesvillanueva:JamesVillanueva 231 17 Damascus Adamantine LightSaber by DarthMater Damascus Adamantine LightSaber :icondarthmater:DarthMater 162 25 BD Rogers Sith Lightsaber 3D by JamesVillanueva BD Rogers Sith Lightsaber 3D :iconjamesvillanueva:JamesVillanueva 422 36 Valley of the Brood Mother by AlectorFencer Valley of the Brood Mother :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 2,480 93


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It's been a long time since I last posted here. I feel like I've been neglecting my online portfolio, especially given how much new stuff I've done. It's the same on MOCpages, I have about seven new things to upload on there too but I just haven't really felt that bothered until now. Thus I have decided tonight that I am going to start updating my online-ness. Hurrah!

So over the next few days/weeks you can expect lots of lovely new things and lots of lovely updated things. I've made quite a few edits and changes to things I've already uploaded aswell, just in case anyone is interested in checking out some new/final drafts of things you've already seen. Specifically Monster Hunter, Star Wars and both Eternity SPs. I have a few new things and ideas aswell to pose to you so get your excitement and anticipation ready to roll :)

I don't really have much more to say...makes a nice change don't you think? :P

Peace out peeps. Salut. Xxx


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
1. I went to York uni (those who prevented me from returning have been profusely cursed for all eternity).
2. I'm 21.
3. I'm from near Newcastle. More precisely, you will never have heard of it.
4. I like Star Wars.
5. And Halo.
6. And Lego. I even have a MOCpages account! Look! *shameless selfpromotion :)*…
7. I have a rabbit.
8. I do Karate.
9. I have a permanently dislocated jaw.
10. I really like dragons, especially Kushala Daora.


11. Disclaimer thingy: The preview photos for my literature uploads remain the copyright of the original artist and are for illustrative purposes only. I do not knowingly use other artist's material, but if I have done so, please say so and I will change it!

Current Residence: No longer York University :( boo!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Uhm...BLEUR!
Favourite genre of music: Not heavy metal or similarily genred.
Operating System: Vista (EVIL. Want HP).
MP3 player of choice: Itouch.
Shell of choice: Conch.
Wallpaper of choice: Monster Hunter monsters/people I like. Keeps me smiling :).
Skin of choice: My own is perfectly satisfactory thank you.
Favourite cartoon character: Lugia!
Personal Quote: Mouth, quiet. Toast, give. Drink, pour.


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